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Gourmet Cookware

Our pans heat quickly and evenly to create pefect recipes. Look forward to years of healthy and tasty cooking. Bon Apetit!

"Love this pan! Best I have used"

Professional Quality Cookware for a Healthy Gourmet Diet

  • Quality

  • Performance

  • Elegance & Value

Our pans are machined with quality materials for durable exceptional performance. The clean look of copper - perfect form and function.

"Excellent conduction"

Thinner ( 0.5mm copper)

Thicker ( 1.5mm copper)

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11" Fry Pan $ 80

2" Sloped Sides

A convenient sized skillet for everyday use. Well balanced with hollow handle.

Saute Pan $ 90

3" straight sides

This heavy duty pan is perfect for substantial entrees and is oven safe.

11" Fry Pan $ 120

2" Sloped Sides

More copper for gourmet meals. Heavier pan should last a life time.

Saute Pan $ 140

3" straight sides

Heavy thick copper for perfect family meals. This heavy duty pan is perfect for substantial entrees and is oven safe.

9" Fry Pan $ 80

Smaller pan.

This thick fry pan is ideal for re-heating and quick single serving meals.

6 Quart Pot $ 170

5" deep Thick Dutch Oven

A large dutch oven for those special stews, soups, and your favorite gourmet meals.

One year limited warranty

Risk Free - 30 day money back

What makes great cookware


Quality Materials for Pans

The copper bottom looks great, the aluminium core is light and the steel cooking surface is stable and smooth.


Ergonomic Design

Well balanced and comfortable riveted handles. Tight fitting ovens-safe lid. Rounded edges.


The Ideal Pan

A thick and heavy 11" pan is optimum for everyday home cooking on a standard cooktop.


Compare Pans

Copper pans age beautifully with a rich deep patina.

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