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The ideal pan

A healthy tasty nutritious diet

Good fresh food makes our life healthy and joyful. Lean home cooked food is vital for a healthy and green life style. We should avoid processed food full of additives and sugars.

But home cooked food is often dull, insipid and unappetizing. A master chef needs the perfect instrument to craft a beautiful melody for the palate. A heavy copper pan that cooks quickly and evenly is the answer.


       Conducts heat quickly and evenly

       Has a thick metal construction

       Has a smooth stainless steel cooking surface

       Is well balanced, comfortable, and easy to use

       Is reasonably priced and lasts a long time


Copper and aluminum are highly reactive. Stainless steel is nonreactive and makes a good cooking surface.


Thickness of cookware is important to provide even heat. Too many layers are inefficient.


Responsiveness allows the pan to heat quickly but also to cool quickly - so foods won't continue to cook. Potential burning can be avoided by removing the pan from the stove.

Material Comparison

Copper is accepted as the best material available for overall cooking use.

Copper has the best overall thermal properties for most cooking tasks. It has excellent thermal conductivity and high specific heat per cubic centimeter. This means that it provides even heat, is very responsive and retains heat. Copper cools rapidly once off the heat which prevents overcooking and burning.

But copper is reactive and is not used as a cooking surface any more. Copper will not work with induction.

Aluminum also conducts well but is soft and reactive. Aluminum is very good at holding heat per weight. But aluminum is not dense. It is still used in many restaurants

Steel has very poor thermal properties but is cheap and stable.

A thick tri-ply material with copper at the bottom, an aluminum core, and a stainless steel cooking surface is the best solution.

Health Issues

Aluminum and copper cooking surfaces may react with food and are reported to have health issues.

We reckon that 11" is the perfect size. It fits nicely on a typical stove and cooks meals for two to four people.


A thick 11" tri-ply copper pan is perfect for most dishes.

The lid should fit snugly and be oven safe. The cooking surface should have a smooth sand smooth finish, and the handle must stay cool and use steel rivets.